Member Spotlight: Nick

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Name: Nick D’Ortone 

Rank: P3, Krav Maga Global 

Experience:  October “17

Previous Training: Wrestling Experience: 7-12th grade, 1 year of  college, 3 years as asst. wrestling coach 

What do you do for a living?

 Stay at home dad/ Self-Employed in Real Estate I started training Krav Maga because I had just left a sedentary desk job and wanted to start exercising again. Knowing that I could not just lift weights or run because of boredom I knew I needed to do something that was grappling and/or self-defense related. 

What made you want to start training Krav Maga?

 I chose Wayne at Elite because from being his assistant wrestling coach I knew that class would never be boring, he would not be afraid to push us, and he is a master of his craft. 

What has your experience been like at Elite Krav Maga Training? 

Thus far, my training experience has been excellent and more than I expected. So much so that I encouraged my wife to join me, which she has and also enjoys immensely as well! Wayne has done a great job not just training us but forming us into a team. Everyone is very respectful of each other while training but not afraid to push each other’s limits because that’s the precedent that has been set by Wayne from the start. 

Have you ever done this type of training prior to coming to Ellite Krav Maga Training and fitness?

I have not trained Krav Maga before but wrestling in middle and high school is comparable. 

Is this type of training for everyone?

This type of training is not for everyone. It is intense at times, and if someone is not good with handling high pressure situations, or is more concerned with winning or proving that they are the “toughest” in the class than this training is not for that person. Egos must be left at the door because we are here to help each other improve and get better not to be reckless and inflict unnecessary pain. 

What has been the biggest benefit of training Krav Maga?

The biggest benefit to me has been completely transforming myself through training and diet. I have changed from being a completely out of shape 260lb slob to losing 55lbs and having more energy and confidence than I’ve ever had while learning a self defense system that expands upon and uses my grappling background.

What do people say to you when you tell them that you train Krav Maga?

I had a doctor once ask me what I did to stay in shape and when I told him Krav Maga, he said, “They train you to kill people!” In fact, we don’t learn to kill people but rather a civilian version of what the Israeli Special Forces use for self defense. 

What do you like to do when you are not training?

When not training I like to spend time with my wife and three year old daughter or to work on my 1969 Buick Riviera.

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