Member Spotlight: Michelle

Name: Michelle L. 

Rank: P3 

Years of experience: May 2018 

What do you do for a living?

Household CEO Toddler-Sibling Tantrum MMA Trainer & Referee Children’s Gadget, Gear, & Getup Specialist Search & Rescue Coordinator: S&S department (socks & small plastic pieces) 

What Training Krav Maga means to you: 

Guaranteed Return on Investment – Krav Maga is one of the best investments I have made for myself & my family. I’ve always been that person that feels you can never be too-prepared or too-safe; that you always need a backup to your backup. Training Krav Maga is just that…my backup-backup, my personal investment that guarantees a return. At the end of the day, I am confident, I will be able to protect myself & loved ones (should a situation arise) from my training in Krav Maga. It has given me the mental, emotional, and (most importantly) physical aptitude and skill-set to be prepared & ready. 

“Krav Maga heightens perception & transforms fear into something more productive” – Imi Lichtenfeld 

What made you want to start training Krav Maga?

I’m a member of the “2 under 2” club (ie: 2 kids under the age of 2). Around the time our second was turning 1, I had had enough. I needed a legit stress reliever – breathing and stretching while pointing to the sun, moon & stars wasn’t going to cut it, neither was running on a treadmill like a hamster. Enter Elite Krav Maga Training and Fitness & Owner, Wayne Helms– I was searching for a personal trainer for my husband and myself – 3 MAJOR factors: 1. Distance 2. Training Expertise/Credentials 3. Fun– Wayne & Elite Elite Krav Maga Training and Fitness have it all. We are a UFC-loving/MMA family. My husband is a former wrestler and introduced me to UFC on our first date and I’ve always been interested in learning Krav Maga after learning about it on an episode of Gilmore Girls (circa 2006). 

What has your training experience been like at Elite Krav Maga Training?

ELITE – Wayne & Elite have become family. Wayne is unparalleled in his tenacity, drive, & passion in ensuring he is giving us his best so that we become the best – so that we are prepared. He trains (& cares for) us like elite athletes – His accomplished backgrounds in wrestling, judo, sambo (he won a National Ttile), and other combat activities coupled with his real-world knowledge, make him as genuine and real as you can get. The Team – we are like a real-life Breakfast Club that likes to meet at all hours of the day, I dare say, even everyday, especially around testing time. We leave our ego’s and stresses of the day at the door and become family as soon as we walk in. The team is overly cautious of each other’s well-being and safety and are equally devoted in ensuring each other’s progress and growth. We embrace each other’s weaknesses and become stronger together as one unit. I couldn’t have wished for a more awesome group of people to punch me in the face, rear-naked choke me, and swap sweat with… especially at 8am on Saturday mornings in 90 degree heat! WOO!!! #weSmellGreat 

Have you ever done this type of training prior to coming to Elite Krav Maga Training and fitness? 

No – not even close. I’m a former varsity cheerleader, ballet devotee, violin-playing, girly girl. Ex-Member of #teamElliptical…. 

Is this type of training for everyone?

No. Krav Maga is the world’s most deadly fighting discipline – it’s the Art of Staying Alive. With that said, Krav Maga training is challenging, extreme, and intense. Ego & pride must be left at the door, your character must be in-check, and your mind needs to be “right.” You will be tested in ways you have never been tested before and there will be no wins or losses. There are no medals, tournaments, or belts. As a trainee, you will need to be able to control yourself (mentally, physically, emotionally), and be able to endure high-pressure situations. Although training may not be for everyone, everyone can benefit from Krav – personally, I’ve become more emotionally controlled while gaining confidence. If there is a situation, you’re more inclined to avoid or neutralize a situation amicably and without violence because you know what Krav Maga can do … even with all 98lbs and 5’3”inches of me. Krav Maga will transform you if you allow it to. Like my girl Felicia said, “we warmup like you workout…” then push repeat. 

What has been the biggest benefit of training Krav Maga?

Transformation – You go from being a cute little furry bear cub to a Lion(ess). One day, you are romping around, rolling around the world, happy and oblivious, then Krav Maga cocoons you and you come out the other end a lion. You walk slow, prowl, gaze around at your surroundings, are calm, cool, and (a little) wiser… eyes have been fully opened and the world is not so nice and cuddly as it used to be. When I first started training, I could barely make it through one 90-second round of continuous striking but assumed I would be okay in a fight, I was clearly mistaken. One year into my Krav Maga journey, I’ve been humbled (repeatedly), but have grown – I know my weaknesses but am learning how to use my weaknesses to my advantage as well as what not to do, but always remember in Krav Maga… GROIN KICK! 

What do people say to you when you tell them that you train Krav Maga? 

1. “Oh, do you mean Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.” 2. “But you’re a mom.” 

3. Sarcastic tone… “Oh, so you can, like kick my butt? Are you trying to be the new 

UFC mom-fighter.” (because my name is Michelle – they are referring to Michelle Waterson 

What do you like to do when you are not training?

When I’m not training, … I enjoy spending time with my family & friends – we love to sing all the Frozen/Disney songs together (oh and baby Shark… Du Du Du), dancing (all the time!), snowboarding/skateboarding (season dependent), indulging in fashion & styling (even my fight gear), perpetually trying to plan our next trip (Disney/universal Florida!, EDC LV), and trying to live life as fun-filled as possible – while hunting down LOL! Surprise Doll & Barbie Accessories and stepping on toy cars/trucks and foot- injuring legos!

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