Member Spotlight: Matt

Name: Matt Engler

Rank: P3

Years of experience: January 2018

What do you do for a living? Global Digital Marketing Leader for DuPont

What Training Krav Maga means to you: 

Confidence. Respect. Awareness.  
We’ve all talked a big game or thought about how we would react to different situations at some point in our lives. I needed to not only find out how I’d react when put in dangerous situations (i.e. attacked/punched in the face), but also develop a plan for what to do next. Training for these sorts of scenarios provides confidence, develops increased situational awareness, and establishes a healthy respect of the use of force. 

What made you want to start training Krav Maga? 

I needed something different. I’ve run marathons, completed triathlons, lifted weights, done kettle bells, etc. to stay in shape. I wanted to shake things up. I wanted to be challenged physically, mentally, and to learn a useful skill set all at the same time. Additionally, I’ve never taken a self-defense course, and figured if Krav Maga was good enough for the military and Law Enforcement Agencies of various nations around the world, it was good enough for me. 

What has your training experience been like at Elite Krav Maga Training? 

The precedent of excellence begins and ends with the standard that owner, Wayne Helms commands during our sessions. He brings decades of experience in a variety of sports, performance training, and wrestling as well as Smabo and combines that with a keen coaching eye to challenge you to get better each and every session. One of the things I value most is the blend of solid technical training with stress-testing what to do when things go bad. 

Additionally, I can’t say enough about the group of people that Wayne has put together to train Krav Maga. It’s rare to have a team that is willing to push and challenge each other, while simultaneously doing so with absolute trust and safety. I genuinely look forward spending time with them on a weekly basis. 

Have you ever done this type of training prior to coming to Ellite Krav Maga Training and fitness? 

I’ve had a fairly extensive athletic career, but have never done anything quite like the training at Elite Krav Maga Training & Fitness. 

Is this type of training for everyone? 

I’ve come to realize that although this type of training IS and SHOULD be for everyone, it unfortunately isn’t. Success in Krav Maga requires humility, the ability to consistently fail, and an absolute growth mindset. 

What has been the biggest benefit of training Krav Maga? 

It’s a bit tough to articulate clearly, but the biggest benefit(s) of training Krav Maga extend far outside of the discipline. In addition to improvements in strength, flexibility, power, endurance, and balance, there are numerous psychological benefits from putting both the body and mind under stress and activating our “fight or flight” responses. The ability to consistently put yourself in uncomfortable scenarios and confront those fears gives you skills to take into other areas of life. The training discipline required to excel at Krav Maga positively impacts work, home life, and other hobbies with which you are involved. I like that it makes me feel more well-rounded. 

What do people say to you when you tell them that you train Krav Maga? 

“You do what now? Isn’t that dangerous?” 

What do you like to do when you are not training?  

When I’m not training I’m spending time with my wife and kid, walking the dog, playing guitar, or watching Philly sports. 

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