Member Spotlight: Helen

Name: Helen Richman 

Rank: P3

Years of experience: April, 2017

What do you do for a living?

What Training Krav Maga means to you: 

Being able to defend myself and fighting off someone while I’m running or at work if someone jumps over my pharmacy counter. 

What made you want to start training Krav Maga? 

 I always loved karate, but Krav Maga is, I feel, a more realistic form of self-defense. I want to be able to defend myself. 

What has your training experience been like at Elite Krav Maga Training?
It has been a great learning experience with an amazing coach who cares about you and not himself. 

Have you ever done this type of training prior to coming to Elite Krav Maga Training and fitness?
No, never

Is this type of training for everyone? 

This type of training is serious. If you’re not willing to get bumped around a little or train hard then it’s not for you. 

What has been the biggest benefit of training Krav Maga?

I feel like I have gotten more confident with myself and stronger mentally and physically. 

What do people say to you when you tell them that you train Krav Maga? 

That I’m crazy. And how can I do this at age 48. 

What do you like to do when you are not training? 

Running Races

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